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Business Computing Analysis Maintenance & Support Contract
Business Computing Needs Analysis Maintenance & Support Contract
Are your business computer systems in need of an upgrade? Need helping in finding out? Our free "Business Computing Needs Analysis" can help. Here's how it works:

One of our business computing specialists will visit your offices and, without cost to you, conduct a complete audit of your business processes. We'll look at your operations and review your computer systems to determine which areas of your business could be made more efficient through the latest technology. Within 48 hours of our visit, you will receive a written report that gives the results of our Business Computing Needs Analysis.

It will include specific hardware and software recommendations, along with cost estimates for purchase or lease of the recommended systems and applications. We are partners with SuperMicro, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and many others. We can customize any computers and servers and build the sytems for your needs and specifications.
Our Maintenance and Support Program ensures rapid repair or replacement to get you back up and running with minimal down-time.

Our "Maintenance and Support Contract" spells out the various levels of support and service that we offer businesses. If you are one of our system users, you will receive a 20% discount off our already competitive repair prices.

It's easy to receive maintenance and support -- Our service will be available immediately when you sign up. To get started, call or fax us today at:

(510) 656-9788 - voice
(510) 651-9662 - fax